Custom Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

To maximize and enjoy the full potential of your investment, illuminate your home and landscape with the design and installation expertise of Erickson Outdoor Lighting. Owner Scott Erickson personally evaluates each landscape and home to create layers of lighting for safety, security, and aesthetic appeal.

Scott welcomes inquiries about designing and redesigning landscape lighting for existing and new homes. He often works directly with homeowners — and in tandem with landscapers, landscape architects, and builders — to create truly unique looks, from natural and subtle to bold and striking. Existing landscape lighting is neatly and carefully installed, leaving the property as it was or better than when we arrived.

Erickson Outdoor Lighting does not take short cuts. We install premium outdoor lighting products that are built to last. Our product lines receive regular updates to include new technologies and styles that will best suit your home and landscape.

Service for Any System

Regular service is highly recommended for landscape lighting. Erickson Outdoor Lighting welcomes all customers and services any system. Our trucks are fully stocked, and we are extremely efficient.

Our customers receive excellent service as we follow a detailed checklist, which includes cleaning, adjusting, and repositioning fixtures, checking voltage and amperage, programming timers, and other services. Please contact us today!

Exterior Lighting Design Enhances Your: